Younger man dating older women with kids

The couple should be prepared to deal with everything from admiration to hostility from friends, acquaintances, and family. A cougar is going to get old and become unattractive to the younger man.

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Any woman will age over time — but probably not as gracefully as a cougar.

She has the financial ability, motivation, and time to eat healthy and exercise.

Often it's the younger man who approaches the older woman in hopes of a purely sexual, no-strings-attached relationship.

Contrary to popular belief, the older woman isn't the predator — in fact, it's the quite opposite.

Having children isn't a priority for every man, and if he loves the woman, he may choose her over his need to procreate.

He may be in a relationship with an older woman because women his age are listening to the ticking of their biological clocks.The older woman is independent and will find ways to keep herself entertained. A cougar's energy is very alluring to the younger man. Giphy Eventually, children and parents of the couple will see the loving relationship, and respect the decision that the couple has made to be together.They will recognize that the couple deserves to be happy. A relationship with a cougar isn't viable and won't last over time. If the couple stays together for many years with the obstacles and stigma that society places on them, they are usually in a very strong deeply connected relationship." or "Dude, does she get a senior citizen rate at the movies?"Like any atypical relationship, there will be people who support the couple's choices and those who put it down.She gets bored with older men who many times lose their "" as they age.

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