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The name Dear Vagina came from an episode of Sex and The City (Veronica's favorite show).Try and guess what episode :) V loves writing and discussing the many topics that women deal with on a daily basis.Rejection isn’t as embarrassing as in person rejection.

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He might not be The One, but you could connect in other ways. He might not be your future husband, and he's almost certainly not a secret prince, but he might turn out to be your new friend. Now you'll have some cool things to make you sound smart and interesting to the next guy you date.8. Look, I don't mean to advise you to lead guys on, but if you just sit around waiting for the perfect guy to ask you out, then by the time he does, you might be a hermit-zombie who forgets how words even work together in proper sentences.

Not that this has ever happened to me or anything.9.

But sometimes the hardest part can be mustering up the courage to actually say yes, or figure out if he's even worth your time.

With just a little courage and critical thinking, you can find the right thing to say a guy asking for your precious time.

She and husband Wiz Khalifa split in September about a year of marriage."I just want to focus on my kid and work," Rose said. And not like it's a big surprise, but Rose said she certainly hasn't ruled out posting more booty selfies on Instagram."It just has to be organic," she said of showing off her derriere. It just happens."If you can't wait until "it just happens," make sure to check out Rose in Schumer's new music video for "Milk Milk Lemonade," the star's new booty-centric song parody.

Rose and the rapper's son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz turned two in February."He's big and he's talking," Rose boasted. Rose also isn't afraid to post unfiltered pics of her backside on social media.

With just a simple click you can reject the guy that is not right for you.

If you are the courageous type, you can make the first move, and not worry about being rejected. I didn’t care if a guy was not interested in me because there were plenty of others who were interested.

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