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After failing to make an impression at the town hall meeting, Chris (Tyler James Williams) realizes that he needs to deliver the best campaign speech of all time if he’s going to win the election for class president, but when his opponent, Caruso (Travis Flory), steals his speech, Chris is driven to extreme measures.Meanwhile, Rochelle (Tichina Arnold) rents out the upstairs apartment to Mr. ”), who has a revolving door of lady friends staying with him. After Chris (Tyler James Williams) accidentally misleads the neighborhood into thinking he and Tasha (Paige Hurd) are dating, Rochelle (Tichina Arnold) gets quite an earful from Tasha’s grandmother, Louise (guest star Whoopi Goldberg).Though she’s mostly asked to play variations on meek, pouty or sultry, the effortlessly charismatic star not only stands out among her more seasoned colleagues but also hints at an inner life the film seems too distracted to explore.

It may ultimately prove most notable for introducing leading lady Ryan Destiny, a thesp worth keeping an eye on.

Grace (Destiny) lives with her trainwreck of a mother Lisa (Garcelle Beauvais) in a Mississippi trailer park and feels like an outcast at school, where she’s taunted by the ringleader (Raven-Symone) of a mean-girls clique and mourns the recent loss of best friend Andrea (Paige Hurd) to suicide.

Moved from the projects to the tough "Bed-Stuy" neighborhood of Brooklyn, Chris is still stuck in his older-brother role.

As the family's "emergency adult," he's responsible for taking care of Drew, his taller, more assured brother, and Tonya, the baby of the family, when his parents are working.

She was born July 20, 1992(older than Justin Bieber).

She has been featured on television show such as; George Lopez, Felicity, Everybody hates Chris, and many more.

Like the sexually awakening teen girl at its center, “A Girl Like Grace” comes on strong but lacks the experience or perspective to fully convince.

Filmmaker Ty Hodges’ coming-of-age drama has some novelty in that its female protagonist is Haitian-American, but pic is hobbled by a needlessly fractured narrative and muddled messaging.

After the truth comes out, so to speak, the film devolves into a dispiriting string of hook-ups, eventually derailing completely by falling into the hoary old trap of a young woman’s sexual exploration leading to exploitation and assault.

That the film transcends its cliches at all is due entirely to Destiny’s committed lead turn.

In that respect, the film perfectly encapsulates one of Grace’s self-empowerment platitudes: “If you’re beautiful with no soul, are you even living?


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