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"But we're at this place where we're not putting pressure on each other to make [the relationship] more than it realistically is." One year later, Graham and Michelle pushed the pause button on their hookups, and decided to just be friends."We have developed an incredible friendship that will always be there," Michelle said in a (read: literally everyone, because the entire world is fangirling) are witnessing just how close Graham and Michelle's friendship is, but the question on everyone's mind is whether or not they hooked up while filming.

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So to get you ready, I met up with contestants Graham Bunn, 35 (, Season 9 with Desiree), for a lunch date fresh off the boat from the rustic Papaya Playa Resort in Tulum, Mexico.

And aside from whether or not they found love in the land of humidity and bug bites, no topic was off limits.

Obviously I've had success in dating, but I'm really set on getting married only once.

Traveling for a living and work has never really given me a stable background to take that next step, but I'm finally in that place now.

First, these two moved from being in an exclusive relationship to being friends with bennies.

"Graham and I are not exclusive, but there is no one else I'd want to date," she in 2011.If you're really uptight or not willing to be yourself, that's kind of off-putting to me. I followed her season the closest, and I thought she seemed really sweet. Well, they actually approached me and gave me a few weeks to think about it.Obviously, I was very physically attracted to her, so of the bachelorettes that I know, I would say Emily. It's not a bad start when they want to put you on an island with beautiful girls.Hoping everyone has an amazing 2014 and makes it a priority to focus on the needs of others this year!!!!Do something anything you can to breath positive energy into your community no matter how big/small it may be!!!For me, I've had two stints on the show, and on both I've met amazing girls, so that was enough to really consider it.

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