Updating proc name in crystal reports

You can right click on the subreport, choose "Change subreport links", choose on the top right corner box, and choose the parameter name(in your subreport and store procedure) you need to get this value in the left botton corner.By setting this, the flattened_parameter can be passed to the parameter in your store procedure as a string.

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A variable can hold a value of single type, like if you declare it as a number it can’t be used to hold string values later.

This defines that a variable in one formula can be used in other formula.

Therefore in order to pass the list of selected values to the store procedure, you need to flatten the array.

In other words, put the values of the array(parameter) in a string (i.e.

It is working fine if pass the single value from crystal and If we pass more than one value the procedure not returning any values. Then in the Subreport Linking dialog, you'd link your formula, @My List, to the single value parameter in the subreport that the SP uses (ie parm2). Bhanu Hi Bhanu, I am also having the same requirement.

To be able to pass multiple values to a single parameter in crystal reports using Oracle Stored Procedures as Data Source.

This means that you cannot access the value of a local variable in one formula from a different formula.

Example of a Local Variable − In the above example, Formula 2 will return a value 5 as Z is declared as local number variable in formula 1 so it will take default value for variable Z in formula 2.

if you have an array/parameter with values US, Canada, UK, it is stored in an array of length 3, you can do something to make it in a single variable/formula and stored as a comma separated string "US, Canada, UK") What Bhanu mean is to create a main report, with a subreport that calls your store procedure.

the parameter list in your store procedure will automatically loaded into the crystal report subreport.

i hve crystal report which is wrking perfectly fine.. but i am not able to add the same parameter on crystal report..i tried to add parameter in the parameter fields the crystal reports field explorer..


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