Updating panasonic blue ray player

Updates can also add functionality, such as new apps for customers to access.

Software updates can be installed through a wireless connection or using a thumb drive with the update files on it.

Navigate to the location on your computer where you want to save the firmware update when the Save As dialog box appears and then click "Save" to download the firmware file.

Connect the thumb drive to your Samsung Blu-ray player.

Ensure there is no disc in the Blu-ray player and then connect the thumb drive to the USB port on the Blu-ray player.

After the update has been successfully downloaded, another dialog box appears indicating the status of the software installation.

After the software update is successfully installed, the Blu-ray player reboots to the home screen and the device can be used as normal.

Software updates for Samsung Blu-ray players can add functionality and fix problems with the device's programming.

If Samsung discovers bugs or other software problems after a Blu-ray model goes to market, it can push out an update to resolve the issue.Choose "Yes" when a message appears telling you that a new software update is detected to begin the process of installing the update.A dialog box appears indicating the status of the software update installation.If a software update is detected, choose "Yes" to install it.A dialog box will appear indicating the status of the update download.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.


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