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Several other types of decorated eggs are seen in Ukrainian tradition, and these vary throughout the regions of Ukraine.

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, plural: pysanky) is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist method.

The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, "to write", as the designs are not painted on, but written with beeswax.

In pre-Christian times, Dazhboh was one of the major deities in the Slavic pantheon; birds were the sun god's chosen creations, for they were the only ones who could get near him.

Humans could not catch the birds, but they did manage to obtain the eggs the birds laid.

They are thought to be representations of real decorated eggs.

These ceramic eggs were common in Kievan Rus', and had a characteristic style.The sun was important - it warmed the earth and thus was a source of all life.Eggs decorated with nature symbols became an integral part of spring rituals, serving as benevolent talismans.Baturyn was Hetman Mazepa's capital, and it was razed in 1708 by the armies of Peter I.A complete (but crushed) pysanka was discovered, a chicken egg shell with geometric designs against a blue-gray background.In modern times, the art of the pysanka was carried abroad by Ukrainian emigrants to North and South America, where the custom took hold, and concurrently banished in Ukraine by the Soviet regime (as a religious practice), where it was nearly forgotten.

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