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"True Love Waits" is a song by the English alternative rock band Radiohead. Radiohead first performed "True Love Waits" in 1995, and singer Thom Yorke performed it alone on acoustic guitar or Rhodes piano numerous times in the following years.

The band and their producer Nigel Godrich attempted to record it for their albums OK Computer (1997), Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac (2001), but struggled to find an arrangement that satisfied them, and it became one of their most famous unreleased songs.

Nicholas Taylor of Pop Matters praised the song as "a bittersweet victory of love" which "shows that behind all of Radiohead’s modernist nightmares is a fragile, desperate desire to connect, fully and meaningfully, with just one person." named "True Love Waits" the best song of May 2016; Arizona Republic critic Ed Masley wrote that the new arrangement "heightens the sense of desperate yearning in Yorke’s vocal as he begs his lover not to leave." Pitchfork named it the week's best new track, with critic Jillian Mapes writing: "You don’t throw true love away. People who mean this much to each other wait it out, they fight.

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I think there is good sense in caution, but have we gone too far?

Are we encouraged to wait Today’s society has some “interesting” lessons for young adults, particularly for men.

Rolling Stone critic Andy Beta wrote that "the effect is like stumbling upon an old love letter years after a relationship has grown cold", and that whereas the "Don't leave" refrain once suggested redemption, it now sounded like a goodbye.

In this series I’m trying to examine some of the issues and problems within the Catholic dating world.

We are therefore often urged to move with great caution.

Additionally, with broken marriages all around us, isn’t it sensible to be extremely careful in selecting a future spouse?

Reviewing I Might Be Wrong in 2001, Matt Le May of Pitchfork wrote that "True Love Waits" is "absolutely gorgeous ...

it can hold its own against any song on OK Computer." He felt that the song, along with the performance of "Like Spinning Plates", "justified the existence" of the EP.

Please don't let that be the case." From 2006, he began performing a slower version of the song on Rhodes piano as an introduction to performances of "Everything in its Right Place", with guitarist Jonny Greenwood sampling and manipulating his vocals live.


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