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Cuarteto is an upbeat dance performed by large circles of dancers moving in a counter-clockwise direction.

So this week the dancers are back dancing with their all-stars in their own styles.

I agree with the judges Tate is the best technical dancer on the show.

Kida and Fik Shun: (Hip hop) Dave Scott hit the jack pot with these two. The make up department out did themselves, Kida really did look like a puppet.

The Chamame is performed by two dancers in a cheek to cheek embrace.

Cuarteto is another popular form of Argentine dance.

After watching the performance I would have never had guessed that Ruby has never really done the Argentine Tango.

Tahani and Comfort: (Dance Hall) It’s always good to see new style on SYTYTCD. JT and Robert: (Contemporary) Seriously, Travis Wall will have another Emmy nomination next year. It is so nice to see JT slowly breaking out of the “cute kid” role.

Travis Michael Wall (born September 16, 1987) is an American dancer and dance instructor, specializing in contemporary dance and jazz dance.

He is best known for his 2007 appearance as a competitor on the second season of the television show So You Think You Can Dance, which airs on the Fox Network.

Argentine dances represent the emotions and lives of the people of Argentina.

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