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They seemed persistent, which in hindsight was the first warning sign."At the time I was going with it.

I was receiving quite a few messages, once a day or twice a day.

She said 'show me a bit more, and show me your face'."Then the messages came up – 'pay £500 or this is going all over Facebook. ' This will ruin my life and did not know what to do. I thought about suicide, it would have been too embarrassing. I had a friend who'd used a Filipino dating website so I thought I'd give it a try.

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She'd asked me for my Facebook profile and picture.

The conversations had lasted a week or two, more than previous ones.

Investigators in the UK say many victims are being targeted by organised criminal gangs from overseas – including in the Philippines, Ivory Coast and Morocco – making it much more difficult to stop.

New figures from the National Crime Agency (NCA) show there have been 864 reported cases in the UK so far this year, more than double the figure for the whole of 2015. Victims who reported crimes this year were aged between 14 and 82, with the highest proportion being men in their 20s. But officers warned there is significant under-reporting of the issue due to victims feeling "ashamed or embarrassed", and that the actual number of sextortion cases is likely to be in the thousands.

Messages came through abusing me and saying 'I will keep doing it'. I know now that they were very, very clever, getting to know me, getting to know my background, getting into my head."Then one night the girl suggested we move onto Skype so we could see each other.

We exchanged some messages and she made some suggestion to say that she would remove her clothes if I did the same.

Also known as 'webcam blackmail', sextortion sees criminals use fake identities to dupe victims online and persuade them to perform sex acts in front of their webcam.

Perpetrators then threaten to send recorded videos of the acts to the victim's family or friends unless they hand over money.

I'd had a few glasses of wine so maybe my inhibitions had dropped a bit and I agreed."Straight away after that the threats began. If you don't pay me I'll put that video all over Facebook and You Tube".

My instant thought was I had no choice, and that I'd pay anything because I thought if they posted the video it would ruin my business and my family relationships."I transferred the money, but it was too late for them to collect it so I had to wait until the following morning to find out if they'd got it.

Three victims – one teenage boy, a man in his 20s and another man in his 60s – give their accounts of how they became victims of sextortion. Gary, in his late teens, from Hampshire: "I thought about suicide""I was working night shifts on my own.

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