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This guy has a few years up his sleeve to cut the slacking on his skiing and get that education but he most definitely will not cut the slacking with his relationship. The Nostalgic This guy likely was pro at one stage and lives for the good old days. The Ski Mountaineer These kinds of ladies also moved here in their twenties and likely never left. The hat hunters (aka pro hoes) This breed of girl is a particularly unique breed of female around ski resorts.

He’s a nice guy, he just hasn’t let that chapter of his life go yet. Ladies will probably be paying but I guarantee you he’ll most definitely have a crazy story or three. They’re tough no nonsense one of the boys type gals who ski hard, like impressively hard. In her twenties, undoubtedly beautiful, feminine, out to have a good time, and likely a server working in town for the season or frequenting from the city.

Thank you for all your feedback, it is amazing how many active singles there are out there and of course skiing singles, but maybe that is because so many people have had an epic season skiing this year, even in the UK which has had a huge amount of snow fall over the past few months – Rarely do the parks of london turn into the splopes of the alps!!

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He doesn’t frequent town too much, is out ticking off seriously impressive objectives all winter, knows all the other big name locals in town, and what’s best about this guy is he most definitely probably has a dog. The Industry Professional This guy has carved a niche out for himself within the ski industry and is also a pretty illusive one to catch to the un-initiated.

He hangs with the big ski names, is always travelling for work, and his Instagram account is probably off the hook.

He’s the entrepreneurial intellectual offering professional athlete services, marketing, business intelligence, or filming skills to a big name ski company. This type of guy actually has interpersonal skills, some business acumen (depending on how professional he really is), and he knows how to hold a conversation and reply to texts, but he’s also most likely calculated.

The down side to this type of guy is you’ll see him one week for the entire season. The Aspiring Pro The aspiring pro is in his mid twenties range.

You meet these girls in groups of three or more after midday, at either après, on the side of a big air event screaming, or at the bar.

They aren’t too serious and out for one thing, notoriety, popularity by association, and fun.

Dating people within the category of a sport always has it quirks and the world of skiing is no stranger to classic stereotypes, flaws, and some rather hilarious consistent patterns.

He’s done it all, partied his face off, skied hard, not skied hard for a season, gone through injuries, been dirt broke, and then established a system of life for himself that’s full of adventure and most likely a lot of pow mountaineering in the winters and a lot of hard work in the summers.

Something else exciting is happening, winter is turning into spring which means soon it will be summer and the calendar for outdoor sports changes again.

Dust off your surf board, grease up your wake board and tighten your mountain boards wheels because your weekends will soon be full.

He likely lives in a living room, has the most unkempt hair possible, and eats ramen three meals a day, but boy can he can ski, the park at least. He’ll sporadically go to the gym and he moved to town with the most honest intentions to build a ski “career” at the beginning of the season but he gets sidelined by the “scene”, becoming an expert at socialising.

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