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Mike returns in series 5 as Elm Tree House's new chef.When Head Care Worker, Shelley Appelton (Nicola Reynolds), decides to leave Elm Tree House she holds interviews for possible head care workers, who none of the young people like, so they beg Mike to take up the role, which he does.They reignite their turbulent relationship, Tyler proves himself to be a prankster, however he reveals his softer side when he breaks down in tears as he sees the burnt remains of the only birthday card his mother ever gave to him.

Jody tells Tracy that her mother used to scrub her with a scrubbing brush, only when the Social Worker attended.

She also reveals that when she was naughty, people used to hold her under the water. Elektra responds by locking Jody in the toy cupboard.

Mike forgives Ryan Reeves (Lewis Hamilton) and agrees not to tell everyone. Tyler Lewis, portrayed by Miles Butler-Hughton, made his first appearance on 6 January 2012 in series 3 of Tracy Beaker Returns during the episode Slow Burn: Part 1.

In Slow Burn, Carmen recognises him as the young joker whom she blames for nicking her stuff while she was at Burnywood, after he and three other children from Burnywood arrive at Elm Tree House following a fire.

Mike makes his first appearance in the first episode of "The Story of Tracy Beaker"; he is a care worker at Stowey House, and has been for some time – he is already on good terms with Tracy Beaker (Dani Harmer), thinking she's a 'good kid on the whole'.

He leaves at the end of series 1 after an emergency call in another care home.

Mike is tall and slim, with grey hair and blue eyes.

He is portrayed as a lovable, kind but firm guardian to the children in his care, able to deliver anger and humour to the children in equal doses.

trilogy of CBBC children's drama series The Story of Tracy Beaker, Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground, which have spanned thirteen years between them.

The characters who have appeared in the most series are the title characters, Mike Milligan (Connor Byrne), who has currently appeared in nine series and is the only character to have appeared in all three programmes and Tracy Beaker (Dani Harmer), who appeared in eight series, and the lead character in The Story Of Tracy Beaker and Tracy Beaker Returns.

The character of Mike returns in "Tracy Beaker Returns", appearing in every episode of the show; it is implied that he never left Elm Tree House and continued to act as Head Care Worker.


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