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This can be done by breaking solid crystal in small pieces, heating charcoal at high temperature, breaking lump of solid into powder or other methods suitable for particular adsorbent.As adsorption is a surface phenomenon, surface area offered by Adsorbent becomes important factor for consideration.Links for Chemists Bases, and p H AP Chemistry Study Cards General Chemistry Help General Chemistry Notes High School Chemistry Notes High School Chemistry Tutorials Learn - Tutorials Predicting Chemical Reactions Bio Chemistry Made Very E Click here for the latest breaking "Chemical Industry" NEWS.

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Forces of attraction exist between adsorbate and adsorbent and due to these forces of attraction, heat energy is released. Forces of attraction exist between adsorbate and adsorbent.

These forces of attraction can be due to Vanderwaal forces of attraction which are weak forces or due to chemical bond which are strong forces of attraction.

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Adsorption is a surface phenomenon therefore it increases with increase in surface area.

Activation of adsorbent surface is done so as to provide more number of vacant sites on surface of adsorbent.

When both Adsorption and Absorption processes take place simultaneously, the process is called sorption. Water molecule on surface experiencing unbalanced forces as compared to molecule inside which experiences forces from all direction.

Adsorption process involves two components Adsorbent and Adsorbate. In case of solid state these residual forces arises because a of unbalanced valence forces of atoms at the surface.

For reaction or process to be spontaneous, there must be decreases in free energy of the system i.e. Also we know, ΔG = ΔH – TΔS And during this process of adsorption, randomness of the molecule decreases which ΔS is negative.

We can rewrite above equation as Therefore for a reaction to be spontaneous ΔH has to be negative and Adsorption process takes place by adsorbate getting adsorbed on adsorbent .

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