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The gift was afterwards confirmed by Mathew, Bishop of Aberdeen, within whose diocese the church sat.

Alan of Soltre, chaplain, who had probably been an ecclesiastic of the hospital, or monastery of Soutra, in Lothian, was presented by the Abbot of Kelso, to the vicarage of the church of Culter, 1239–1240.

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High up on the steep, rocky bank of the Culter Burn near the western exit of the village is a colourful and well-tended kilted wooden figure holding a broadsword and targe (shield) that represents Rob Roy Macgregor, who according to local legend leapt across the stream at that point to flee pursuing Hanoverian troops (Given the width of the stream there, the story - which has its local variants in many parts of Scotland - is unlikely to have much basis in fact).

The original statue is thought to have been a modified ship's figurehead.

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