Navy seals dating site

A Keen Ability to Keep Secrets The identity of the man—and yes, all SEALs are men—who shot bin Laden and the team who was on the ground with him will probably never be revealed.Secret-keeping is just a part of the job and they're well-trained to not go around bragging about their accomplishments.

They always strive to be better and more successful.

One retired SEAL told, "They have almost a mental block that says, 'I will not fail.'" We love a man who fights for what he wants and can always be relied on...whether it's to keep the world safe or just be an awesome boyfriend.

Give her the respect she needs to grow into a well adjusted, confident young woman.

Being able to swim 500 yards in under 12 and half minutes, perform 42 push-ups in two minutes, 50 sit-ups in two minutes, 6 pullups, and run a mile and a half (in boots) in under 11 minutes and 30 seconds is a minimum requirement.

And because military men often spend time overseas, it's not uncommon for them to speak multiple languages.

Yeah, that lingual knowledge is great for reasons of national security, but only slightly less important is that they can whisper "Do me right now" in French.So, if you dated one you'd never have to worry about him revealing to his buddies how you haven't gotten a wax in three months or forwarding a sext you sent to all of his contacts.They Refuse to Fail..Anything As you follow all of the news coverage of Navy SEALs, you'll notice one trait keeps getting mentioned.These strong and brave women are exposed to a life that is very different and difficult, yet they serve their country and families tirelessly and unselfishly. Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell became famous after his harrowing experience during Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan, which became the subject of the Oscar-nominated film "Lone Survivor." Recently, the military veteran has made headlines again for a Facebook status he posted about a very different topic -- fatherhood.I would like to introduce my wife, Tamara Stath Hagerman, whom I have asked to share her perspective with all of you.

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