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"All we do is cook all day and then give the food away," says Nev. " They also make sure they have a good time doing what they love.

"We've been apart since the day we met, two days in total," says Jason.

When it comes to their food, they prefer savoury over sweet — "We have been at a restaurant before and ordered the pork belly," laughs Jason — and think dessert could be their downfall.

"And they are the things that drew us together, too," says Zana.

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Ages: 44 and 43 State: Victoria Occupations: Not listed Relationship: Married for 23 years About them: Eve and Jason are more in love with each other than ever after being together for over 23 years."Like a bar and grill type of atmosphere, where you meet your mates and serve food that we like cooking." Ages: 49 and 48 State: NSW Occupations: Luciano is a long-haul flight attendant and Martino was a philosophy and history high school teacher in his native Italy, before moving to Australia and joining a jewellery company.Relationship: Friends About them: These happy-go-lucky guys met 11 years ago through a mutual friend at the Mardi Gras.That said, he says moving out is what helped him grow as a cook: "You can only be taught stuff for so long but eventually you need to get out there and do it yourself and discover your own tastes." The pair likes to cook with "ginger, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lots of curry leaves," according to Mike, while Tarq adds, "We love our chilli too." As for how they feel when they cook?Mike says, "Confident, for one, like you're in your element, your go-to zone, the happy place." anniversary by signing up for the show! If you have items you want to share with other VW users just send them in.

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