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Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds may be laid to rest in one of her favorite red dress suits, as son Todd Fisher was pictured with it while planning a joint funeral for her and his sister Carrie Fisher.

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And family and friends have already raised more than £10,000 to help fund their wedding day.

Amy, 34, was taken ill while watching a pantomime with her family, and medics told her she had cancer of the lungs, shoulder and spine.

Rousey showed little defensive acumen as she staggered and stumbled backward with Nunes relentlessly pursuing her and landing multiple shots.

Todd Fisher has revealed the saddening moments leading up to screen legend Debbie Reynolds' death and how she was 'technically gone' within 30 minutes of saying she really wanted to be reunited with his sister Carrie Fisher who had died 24 hours previously.

In an interview with ABC's 20/20, the producer went into detail about the moment leading up to the death of his mother, Debbie Reynolds, who passed away from an apparent stroke on Tuesday.

Fisher explained that he was at his mother's bedside at the Los Angeles hospital she was taken to after falling ill while they planned his sister's funeral together, when she said she wanted to be 'with Carrie'.

In a recently resurfaced interview with Teen Vogue, Billie revealed that her mother raised her with a progressive view of gender.

She also claimed that this stance was the reason her mother named her Billie.

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Slope officials immediately shut down the lift to make sure there were no problems with it.

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