Kenya dating customs

In Zaire, the groom brings two copper rings or an arrow to the bride and her family.Upon acceptance of the gifts the couple becomes officially betrothed.

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More gifts are exchanged during the actual wedding ceremony, one of which is a knife given by the groom to the bride's father.

The knife signifies that the new husband is now responsible for the wife's safety and well-being.

Now that you've learned about the history of marriage in Africa, learn how you can incorporate many of these wonderful, colorful, and very festive African wedding traditions and customs into your wedding as well.

You don't have to limit the African American traditions you use in your wedding to just jumping the broom.

Boost your knowledge about how things work in Kenya to avoid insulting its people or their heritage.

Both men and women can make a better impression and show respect by understanding how women are viewed in Kenya: whether they enjoy the same legal rights as men; how they are represented in Kenyan politics, law, medicine, and business; if they can date or choose their own mates and professions, and what they tend to choose.During the wedding festivities, friends of the couple may kidnap the bride and will release her only after the groom negotiates for, and pays, her ransom.The kidnapping can be done multiple times throughout the wedding ceremony and it is up to the groom to notice when his bride goes missing.If the marriage doesn't work out then the cattle can be returned and the marriage will be dissolved.Also known as a "love match", this one of course requires very little to no explanation. Get more African marriage trivia and learn about african wedding rituals too!This report can be of interest or provide essential knowledge for business professionals, executives, travelers, travel agents and planners, tour organizers; exchange groups; government officials, diplomats; public relations, marketing, advertising, and media specialists; trade professionals; educational institutions; students; religious organizations; missionaries; non-profit groups; non-governmental organizations (NGOs); overseas aid organizations; persons relocating to Kenya; and anyone interested in learning about Kenyan religion and culture.


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