Interracial dating still an issue

While answers weren’t always negative they were almost all wary.

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The stereotypes Kenyans hold about what happens when races mix are never-ending and often contradictory. That’s what these relationships are all about, or that’s what you’d think looking in on Mashada or listening in on conversations.

But things change when you ask Kenyans as individuals.

So how does that affect the evolution of a relationship and the issues they have to deal with? For newlyweds Chaka, 30, and Dani, 23, it all started in Devon, England, where Chaka was studying agriculture and Dani was working.

While they knew of each other, they didn’t become close until Chaka had actually left to go back to Kenya.

But black men are all dogs, who treat their women horribly.

White men, on the other hand, are sweet and affectionate lovers.

Other than that, the responses were overwhelmingly positive with a sprinkling of ambivalence.

Surprisingly, however, when asked how Kenyan culture saw the relationships, respondents were much more reserved.

The fact that he had recently come to visit her also made it easier for them.

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