High school age dating rules

I have also long argued that the changes they continue implementing are not good for the game and certainly not good for school players especially the 14 and lower age groups.

I have for a long time been concerned that water polo was for the big fella at the expense of the little but more skilful fella.

We have been "forced" into building pools the size of the Steen bras dam to satisfy FINA regulations, we have reduced possession time for all age groups not once considering how much longer it takes the under 13 player to get from defence into attack.

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The Olympic team coaching staff is devoted only to that level and those rules.

To say that these coaches and athletes are incapable of adapting is insulting.

This at under 13 level is equivalent to adding on 15 minutes to each half of a game of rugby and making each player stack an additional 20kg's into their swim suits!!!!

The one really sensible thing they have done is reduce the playing field for ladies water polo so lets give a bit of credit where it is due.The mere fact that the rules undergo major changes every 2 – 4 years is a testament to these failed experiments.High School rules have generally adopted most of the rules enacted by FINA and then adopted by USWP.This trickle down effect is the result of the water polo community committing to the philosophy that all levels, be they age group, high school, college, national and international, should conduct themselves under a single common set of rules.It is interesting and worth consideration that water polo is one of the only team sports that follow this philosophy.I find it difficult to fathom that the top 30 Senior National / Olympic Team contending candidates would be unable to adapt to FINA Rules.

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