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Title: Rental no Koi レンタルの恋 (Rental Love) Official website: here Official Instagram: here Official Twitter: here O.

Most of the links to their subbed files are dead, but according to their last post which you can see below, they have no qualms against fans reuploading their subbed files... As stated in our community profile, you may upload our releases outside BNS as long as you follow the rules:1. I am asking help from you guys - if you do happen to have any of the files below, please upload them to a hosting site of your choice, and just comment the link in this entry.#1: [DRAMA SP] Matsumoto Jun - Yonimo Kimyouna Monogatari#2: [FANCAM] Yamapi Crying in Tx T Debut Concert - here#3: [VARIETY] 20 Utawara - KAT-TUN Vs. – Guest: Shuji X Akira#15: [DRAMA SP] X’mas Nante Daikirai Ep 02 - Akanish Jin & Fukada Kyoko - https://mega.nz/#! 1n AXm Ta FAwx ML5pg VCNIFji0HTNKn Zs B22u Tqq4v Io M#16: [VARIETY] 2004 24Hr TV– Arashi Letter Reading & Hero Performance#17: [VARIETY] Utawara - Showa Bijin Round 01 (Ft. FIZok5m4-Obd YC47Slm_Dg#45: [VARIETY] Minna No Terebi – KAT-TUN Bed Time Skit#46: [VARIETY] 20 Music Station– Kanjani8 Talk Live#47: [VARIETY] Shounen Club - Koki & Nakamaru Letter Reading#48: [VARIETY] The Seven Okans - Ep. – Guest: Tokio#57: [PERF] 20 Shounen Club: Kis-My-Ft- Inori#58: [VARIETY] Utawara Showa Bijin Round 02 (Ft.

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All names are given in Western order, with spelling according to the English game credits.

Red and Green • Blue (JP) • Red and Blue • Yellow • Gold and Silver • Crystal Ruby and Sapphire • Fire Red and Leaf Green • Emerald • Diamond and Pearl • Platinum Heart Gold and Soul Silver • Black and White • Black 2 and White 2 • X and YOmega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire • Sun and Moon Hey You, Pikachu!

26 (Okinawa Unrevealed Sp & Boat House Sp)#129: [VARIETY] 20 Utaban - Guest: KAT-TUN#130: [VARIETY] Minna No Terebi - KAT-TUN Vocal Lessons#131: [VARIETY] 20 Oshareism - Guest: Akanishi Jin#132: [PERF] Tegoshi Yuya - STAR (NEWS 2006 concert DVD)#133: [PV] KAT-TUN - Keep The Faith PV#134: [PV] TOKIO - Seisyun PV#135: [VARIETY] 20 Utaban - Guest: GYM#136: [DVD RIP] Kanjani8 - Making of "Double" Sp#137: [PERF] SMAP - Christmas Night Live#138: [PV] SMAP - Dangan Fighter PV#139: [PV] Koichi Domoto - Kagen No Tsuki PV#140: [PV] SMAP - Lion Heart PV#141: [DVD RIP] Kanjani8 - Making of "Dive to the Future" Sp#142: [DRAMA] Love Stories IV -Koe ga Furueru Onna#143: [PV] Tackey & Tsubasa - X~DAME PV#144: [VARIETY] 20 Shimura Doubutsuen - Guest: Kamenashi Kazuya#145: [VARIETY] 20 Kanjani8 no Janiben - Guest: KABA.chan#146: [VARIETY] 20 Domoto Kyoudai - Guest: Chemistry#147: [VARIETY] 20 Domoto Kyoudai - Guest: Chemistry#148: [VARIETY] 20 Shounen Club X'mas Special#149: [VARIETY] 20 Shounen Club Premium - Guest: Subaru Shibutani#150: [VARIETY] 20 Shounen Club Premium - Guest: Yokoyama Yuu#151: [PERF] SMAP - Unposted Letter#152: [PERF] Yokoyama Yuu - Conf Usion#153: [DVD RIP] Kanjani8 47 Tour DVD - Surprise Wake up Calls#154: [PV] NEWS - Taiyo No Namida PV#155: [DVD RIP] Kanjani8 47 Tour - Swap Role Eito Ranger Skit#156: [PV] Tokio - Honjitsu, Mijukumono PV#157: [DVD RIP] V6 Voyager Tour - Okada Junichi's Birthday Suprise#158: [DVD RIP] V6 Voyager Tour - Bonus MC collection#159: [VARIETY] 20 - Okada Junichi Way of Life Photography Session#160: [PV] SMAP - Sonomama PV#161: [VARIETY] 20 Hey! 55 (Spring Vacation Part 01)#163: [VARIETY] The Seven Okans Ep. 59 (Guest: Ayase Haruka Part 02)#176: [DVD RIP] Kanjani8 47 Tour DVD - Tour Documentary Disc 01 & 02#177: [VARIETY] 20 Utaban - Guest: SMAP#178: [DVD RIP] Kanjani8 47 Tour DVD - Eito Ranger skit#179: [VARIETY] Worst Dates - Ft. Shingo Murakami#181: [DVD RIP] Cartoon KAT-TUN II You 2007 Concert - MC Parts#182: [VARIETY] 20 Utaban- Guest: SMAP#183: [VARIETY] 20 Hey!

First: Yes folks, that is a picture of the young Morita Go of V6 making some chick in horrible fashion suck his plastic/lollipop(? Well I'd certainly like to go to one of these dick suckin' parties but can we talk about how fug he is in this picture?

Second: This seems to be a nice little picture of Nakai Masahiro from SMAP and his buddies out on a nice trip to the beach.

That's nice and dandy and all but can we talk about his buddies? Okay maybe he just has friends that love getting tattoos that make them look like yakuza but let's be real here if you have sleeves of dragons and inclement water you're probably going to be hustling people for money after dark.

Nishikido Ryo (Collab with KBs)#68: [VARIETY] Worst Dates- Ft.

Yokoyama Yuu (Collab with KBs) - https://mega.nz/#F! r5p Wd_f Badin_E6y Lslalw#69: [VARIETY] 20 Shounen Club Christmas Special Ft. – Guest: KAT-TUN (Signal)#76: [VARIETY] Suka J - Guest: Leah Dizon Interview#77: [VARIETY] Utawara KAT-TUN 60 Mins - Baseball Challenge - https://mega.nz/#! Eas Y0-b H5z Zr81KJ_Ygh Zsu_rq OHr LNHn H6Ww2Iqvz M#78: [PV] NEWS – Hoshi Wo Mezashite PV#79: [PERF] Shounen Club - Nakamaru Yuichi – Key of life#80: [VARIETY] The Seven Okans - Ep. 13#195: [DVD RIP] Kanjani8 47 Tour DVD - Complete Concert#196: [VARIETY] 20 Waratte Iitomo - Guest: Yokoyama Yuu#197: [DVD RIP] Cats in the Red Boots (Toma Ikuta)#198: [VARIETY] 20 Utaban - Guest: KAT-TUN#199: [DVD RIP] KAT-TUN - Making of Keep The Faith PV#200: [VARIETY] 20 5LDK - Guest: Ayase Haruka - here#201: [VARIETY] 20 Waratte Iitomo - Guest: Tsuyoshi Domoto - https://mega.nz/#! T6Ah Wyu Y_4Vi9Fy Z-ja6do7Ylo Al UPm B3g Baoa BE9BI#202: [VARIETY] 20 Utawara - KAT-TUN Oyako Dance Part 04#203: [DVD RIP] KAT-TUN - Making of White X'mas PV#204: [VARIETY] 20 Utawara - KAT-TUN Oyako Dance Part 02#205: [VARIETY] 20 Utawara - KAT-TUN Oyako Dance Part 03#206: [VARIETY] Suka J - Subaru & Ryo 2nd Gourmet Experience#207: [VARIETY] 20 Tokyo Friends Park II - Guest: Bloody Monday I'm looking forward to making the next part of our project a success!!

05.09 Domoto Kyodai – Guest: NEWS 2nd Appearance - Here#25: [VARIETY] 20 Music Station – Yamashita Tomohisa Talk Live (Ft. –Guest: KAT-TUN#29: [VARIETY] KAT-TUN X3 Dating - Part 01#30: [VARIETY] KAT-TUN X3 Dating - Part 02#31: [DVD RIP] News Nippon (Password Protected)#32: [DVD RIP] Tackey & Tsubasa - Making of Kamen PV & Jenga Game#33: [DVD RIP] KAT-TUN Kaizokuban Live - MC Parts#34: [DRAMA SP] X'mas Nante Daikirai Ep 03 - Akanishi Jin & Fukada Kyoko - https://mega.nz/#! XPv Sv D2NLAVu F65e Y26f33n28YLfv Gu Rrc Ordvejo MU#36: [VARIETY] Worst Dates - Ft. Hasegawa Jun#38: [PERF] 20 Music Station: Tegoshi Yuya - Sunadokei#39: [DVD RIP] Dreamboys 2006 Kanjani8 vs. -Nisemono Wa Dare Da#44: [VARIETY] Worst Dates - Ft. 04#54: [VARIETY] 20 Shounen Club Spring Special - Producer: KAT-TUN#55: [VARIETY] 20 Shounen Club Christmas Special Ft. Sho & Aiba#60: [PV] NEWS – Cherish PV#61: [DVD RIP] KANJANI8 Spirits Concert – Talk & Skit Segment#62: [PERF] Spirits Concert Nishikido Ryo – Ai Igai no Nandemo Nai#63: [VARIETY] The Seven Okans - Ep.

Kamenashi Kazuya)#26: [VARIETY] 20 SMAP X SMAP– Guest: Michael Jackson#27: [VARIETY] Suka J - Subaru & Ryo 1st Gourmet Experience#28: [VARIETY] 20 Hey! KAT-TUN (Password Protected)#40: [VARIETY] The Seven Okans - Ep. 02#42: [VARIETY] 20 Music Station – Yamashita Tomohisa Talk Live#43: [VARIETY] 20 Shounen Club: A. 05#64: [VARIETY] Utawara KAT-TUN 60 Mins – Soccer Challenge - https://mega.nz/#! Camyb C738sn3-qpb KXMCFApu ROOpnse B6u JGDo2RQy A#65: [PERF] 20 Shounen Club – KAT-TUN Medley#66: [PV] NEWS – Teppen PV#67: [VARIETY] Worst Dates - Ft.

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