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This is a variant of the Reclining Venus with Cupid, now in Buckingham Palace, which was made for Lord Cawdor in 1814 and ceded by him to the Prince Regent.

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The original plaster model for the Naiad, completed in 1817, is in the Gipsoteca di Possagno.

Compositional prototypes include Canova's Pauline Borghese as Venus Victrix and an ancient Hermaphrodite, both in the Borghese Gallery, Rome.

Drawn back to the area, the tribes gradually lost their rude and savage ways.

"Hence this water acquired its peculiar reputation, not because it really induced unchastity, but because those barbarians were softened by the charm of civilization." (On Architecture, II.8.12).

Throughout the series it is shown that Izana is a very caring person, helping out Nagate who was shunned by most of the other trainees at the start of the series, by showing him around and befriending him.

She is also determined to do her best to protect Sidonia, even when the odds are against her.

In the same way women who artfully employ love-potions and magic spells upon their husbands, and gain the mastery over them through pleasure, find themselves consorts of dull-witted, degenerate fools.

The men bewitched by Circe were of no service to her, nor did she make the least use of them after they had been changed into swine and asses, while for Odysseus, who had sense and showed discretion in her company, she had an exceeding great love." Coniugalia Praecepta (139A) The association of Hermaphroditus with marriage can be seen as well in Theophrastus, who, in characterizing the superstitious man, has him purchase on the fourth and seventh days of every month myrtle and frankincense and a holy picture, and then spend the entire day sacrificing to Hermaphrodites and hanging garlands on them.

The fourth day of the month was sacred to Hermes, whose masculinity can be seen in the ithyphallic herms that are garlanded, and the fourth day of the week named after him, just as it was in Latin.

This is the earliest reference to Hermaphroditus, which here seems to have been a herm, and the dedications related to marriage or fertility.

Innes (Penguin Classics); Theophrastus: The Characters (1929) translated by J. Edmonds (Loeb Classical Library); Diodorus Siculus: The Library of History (1935) translated by C.


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