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I have to physically go to each cell, hit F2 and Enter to get the data to update. I think excel simply forgets that automatic calculation was switched back on. Excel uses the calculation setting of the first workbook opened.These are spreadsheets that, up to now, have been behaving properly. If the first workbook you open has calculation set to manual, that setting will apply to all subsequent workbooks opened.I think I asked about this before but can't find the thread. Will just have accept I have to watch to be sure it's behaving properly. Just my 2 cents: Every once in awhile, this happens to me. When it happens, I go to: Tools/Options/Calculation tab. All I do is change it to Automatic, and life is back to normal.

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Microsoft Excel does its best to make formulas easy to interpret.

When you select a cell containing a formula, the formula displays in the Excel formula bar.

So I closed out of my work so my boss could review.

He told me the model did not update, so I checked it out.

Moreover, you may want to protect your Excel formulas to prevent other users from deleting or overwriting them.

For example, when sending some reports outside your organization, you may want the recipients to see the final values, but you don't want them to know how those values are calculated, let along making any changes to your formulas.

In the next tutorial, we will discuss various ways to copy formulas and you will learn how to apply a formula to all cells in a given column in a click.

I thank you for reading and hope to see you again soon!

However, by default, the option is turned on for all cells on any Excel worksheet, whether an existing or a new one.

This does not mean that you cannot edit those cells, because locking cells has no effect until you protect the worksheet.

This tutorial shows how to hide formulas in Excel so they do not show up in the formula bar.

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