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But a way to do this is to restart the NTP-daemon, once it is loaded it will start with an initial poll and then remains running.To restart the daemon from the ESXi command line run this command: as in the image below.And the second one is: How can I verify if the NTP-daemon is actually synchronizing with an NTP-server?

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Let's have a look at an example of when we have missed a poll.

In the image below you can see that we have missed a poll when checking the ntp daemon status each 128 seconds.

If you have the NTP server on your local network and your firewall allows ping then you can try to see if you can ping it. It is the NTP query program installed in almost all the Linux programs.

You can find the information about the ntqp program from here The ESXi shell has ntpq utility you can use ntpq -p to query the status of the NTP synchornization If you see the error ” No association IDs returned” Then it means the ESXi has not synchronized with the NTP server.

The file looks like this: restrict default kod nomodify notrap nopeer restrict server 0.server 1.server 2.server 3.driftfile /etc/ntp.drift Every 2s: ntpq -p localhost 2016-05-20 remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ============================================================================== utcnist2.colora . 163.313 triangle.kansas 2 u 114 64 332 105.921 347142. I disabled VMware Tools time sync to the domain controller, had it resync its time and then resync'd the time to my desktop so that everything was correct.

1.23 and 24 are vmkernel ports for i SCSI only (v Motion, management, etc. There should be some messages in there similar to this "ntpd[263140]: synchronized to , stratum " but I don't see any. EDIT: In fact, if I manually set the time (using Google to get the current time) it will revert to 6 minutes slow after a few seconds.

So, is it possible that the incorrect time on the domain controller VM was adjusting the time on the host? Alternatively, would the v Sphere Client on my machine update the time on the host?

Just following what VMware's troubleshooting guide (…) says.

To view the time configuration you can use w32tm /query /configuration command.

In my case, my time was not synced with external time server: and after I made the changes: all was set to sync from time.

The reach-value is not binary but it is also not decimal, it is an octal value.

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