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But, after leaving that particular high school and meeting many smart, strong and beautiful Black women, I realized something I had never taken into account before.There are levels to being "woke." And, after having many in-depth conversations with these sisters and some of my boys, I realized that there's such a thing as trying to be "too woke" and that's called being a hotep.

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The type of women who fervently believed BS like this: Look, it's not easy to date while "woke," because just finding someone with an equal level of interest in social justice is already difficult in and of itself.

But "woke" Black women specifically deserve better than faux-intellectuals masking anti-Black-woman rhetoric cloaked in Black nationalism.

Around 1999 when I was just getting into the swing of my pro-Blackness, I found myself searching for a good Black Planet handle and I landed on .

First, I know now that it was a ridiculous combination of names from two different faiths and two separate regions of the world.

In your childless past, dating may have seemed like a ride on a classic carousel: few risks and many options.

Enjoy a spin with a fine filly, a stallion or a teddy bear. “The biggest was going for the pretty faces, which is easy to do here in Miami, and not fully evaluating what I was looking for.” Looks are almost secondary to [certain] qualities.” Unlike dating before parenthood, Langley has also had to sort out the logistics of spending the night with someone.

As we quickly approach the two year anniversary of the Ferguson uprising and the three year anniversary of the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement, it's more than fair to say that we are in a new era of unapologetic Black consciousness.

While many have been fully cognizant of society's rampant anti-Blackness for far longer than just a few years, it feels like we are in the midst of a revolutionary social awareness unlike anything we've seen since the Civil Rights movement.

Once I became "woke," I found myself becoming attracted to "woke" women and substantially less attracted to women with no understanding of white supremacy.


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