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Welcome to the world of the “elationship.” “I’ve been involved in five or six of these,” says Rich Giorgi, a 48-year-old tech writer from Carrboro, N. There’s no need to go any further.’ So I cut it off.C., who in recent months found a “peach” of a girlfriend and left the online scene. I didn’t have the time to waste.” Harem scarem Why would someone spend all that time communicating with a person they never planned to meet?

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We’ve learned to deal with people who dematerialize after a few days or weeks of steady contact.

“It’s the online equivalent of ‘going out for cigarettes,’ ” says one seasoned single.

“With one guy I ‘met’ on, it was like we were playing out the whole beginning, middle and end of a relationship via text when we’d never even talked on the phone,” she says. Then he’s guilting me out for not being available when he calls. Then he’s back and wants to know if there’s anything new in my personal life.

Then he starts playing the hurt puppy and sending passive-aggressive texts.

He stutters; she burps.” Long-term elationships Incredibly, some virtual relationships last as long as the real thing.

In 2007, Elaine La Personerie, a 33-year-old PR maven from Manhattan, answered a Craigslist ad that kicked off an intense year-long elationship.

I am thankful for your ministry.""Because of this Christian penpals, I have become friends with a lady I consider one of my dearest friends.

free online e-pals membership is a great way to make penfriends from all round the world by Email.

Then he started developing real feelings for me but had spun the web of lies so big, he couldn’t get out of it.

But who knows what was going on.” La Personerie says she still hasn’t decided if the guy is a pathological liar or “a regular person that had a bet with a friend,” but there’s no doubt she’s come to appreciate the power of a virtual relationship.

La Personerie also discovered that an “ex-fiance” he frequently mentioned was actually another online girlfriend who, just like her, had never laid eyes on the guy.


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