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This is the operating system software for your Play Station 3.It controls everything, including what types of content and which features you can access on your PS3.Select the connected device and your PS3 will install the update data stored there.

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The two companies continue to battle for market share, though Sony's The sound quality has been improved with Blu-ray discs and DVDs when you jack up the speed to 1.5 times its normal rate.

System messages that once appeared on the top-right of the screen now show up in the left corner.

As well as keeping your PS3 in top condition with the latest security updates, Parental Controls and display options, updates often increase what your PS3 is capable of.

New settings, new features and new functionality can be included in an update; as the system software evolves, only a PS3 with the latest update installed will be able to make full use of these enhancements.

Each update is numbered so you can quickly see what the latest version is - the higher the number, the more recent the update. To find out which version of the system software you currently have installed on your Play Station 3, navigate through the Home Menu of your PS3 to the Settings category.

From here select [System Settings], followed by [System Information], and you'll see the PS3 system software version displayed here.

I’ve been playing with ambient light for my TV for a while now, as you can see in the “Ambient TV lighting with XBMC Boblight, Open Elec and WS2811/WS2812 LEDs“, to make colorful lights (LEDs) light up matching the video you’re seeing on your TV.

The downside of that project is that it only works for a dedicated HTPC running for example Kodi (XBMC).

This article is solely aimed at using non-HDCP compliant equipment with equipment that seems to require HDCP.

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