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It’s important to remember that the experience of rejection doesn’t automatically translate into a failing on your part. Maybe they are terribly flawed and the relationship was too much for them. Don’t under any circumstances try and “get even” with someone who has rejected you. Concede that it was good (or not) while it lasted, shake their hand and move on.

Maybe you were too beautiful, positive, happy or type-A. In the case of someone leaving you for someone else or cheating on you, this can sound incredibly difficult, but it’s even more important. Stop judging people who know how to flirt and vow to learn from them.

Anger and resentment are like a horrible-smelling perfume that wafts into the room before you do.

If you’re hung up on your past relationships, it’s guaranteed you’re turning people off right and left. Say goodbye to the hope that it would work out and let their rejection set you free to find the right person.

It may seem far fetched, but it’s possible to get to an emotional place where rejection isn’t a big deal at all. Getting upset about rejection simply bogs you down. The sooner you can get over it and move on, the sooner you can get back out there to meet someone great.

When you learn how to deal with rejection so that it makes you stronger instead of just making you feel more insecure, it definitely gets easier.

If you’re like most women, this story will sound painfully familiar to you. there are the tantalizing calls and texts, flirty Facebook messages, and maybe things even get intimate… It seems like suddenly something snaps in him, and he starts to withdraw from you…

then out of nowhere he just completely loses interest in you.

If you appear indifferent to his transgression, leave him and move on, you will stay on his mind a lot longer than if you went all bunny boiler and gave him a reason to refer to you as “his crazy ex.” If you were hoping for revenge, just know that your calm handling of his rejection will drive him nuts for years. See how many people you can meet in the course of a week. If your feelings are never hurt, there’s a good chance that you’re not getting any closer to meeting the right person. If you’re getting every door closed in your face, you learn that is a normal condition and it ceases to hurt your feelings as much as it did in the beginning. If you have to, spare your feelings about the outcome by pretending you’re conducting an anthropology experiment on the human race. Changing your attitude about rejection can change your whole life.

If you’ve always been told how great you are and suddenly go through a divorce or a bad breakup, the spiral can be brutal because you’re just not familiar with it. In the context of dating and relationships, this means to meet more people and go on more dates. Each and every time you start to feel like someone is blowing you off or that sinking feeling when they want to “talk”, I want you to be thankful that you’re getting that much closer to meeting the right person for you.

If you’re temporarily embarrassed, you can be embarrassed away from them. Another reason why people run into problems with rejection is that they have those elephants in the room that they use to turn into reasons why another person might not want to get into a relationship with them.


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