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Some choose not to discuss sensitive issues such as politics for the sake of avoiding the potential fallout, thus possibly preserving the relationship.

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Winston-Salem has offered slim pickings for a liberal thinker who says his new book, “It Really Is That Complicated,” “grabs the reader and propels them through the exotic (and erotic) landscape that is the foundation for male/female relationships.” The city is “extremely conservative, politically and in its view on life,” he says.

There are plenty of eligible women, with one problem: “They could be Miss America or a member of Mensa, but as soon as they say ‘I’m a Republican,’ probably in five minutes we won’t be talking.” My wife was raised a Democrat and typically cancels out my votes for political office. You might like the same music; admire the same principles; have similar attitudes towards what makes a person worthwhile. It seems to me that it would be a shame to throw all that out the window over politics.

Funny, though, on some propositions we agree, even though she or I might be bucking the party line. We agree on a lot of issues, but she pulls the lever for the D and I pull it for the R. That would be cool.) I have to think we’re like a lot of families that way, and I think the world would be a poorer place were it otherwise. That said, I would have no desire to date Sandra Fluke, were I not married.

The thing is, she’s not a hard-line dogmatic liberal.

Both sides feel hurt, unappreciated, and treated unfairly,” said Amanda Clayman, a financial therapist in New York City. “Let’s all practice active listening through November.” 3. Discussing any differences in the presence of an objective couples counselor can help you put things in perspective, nurture your relationship’s best qualities, and even recognize some differences of opinion as healthy. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by Good

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Given that we each have our own influences, history of experiences, psychological makeup, and subjective lens through which we view the world, some differences are bound to exist or arise.

One person’s convictions may be another’s contentions.

Witness Democratic commentator James Carville and his wife Mary Matalin, a Republican consultant.

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