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Unlike most vibrators and dildos, a vibrating cock ring can’t be covered by a condom for barrier protection so the cock ring could be exposed to vaginal and/or seminal fluids.

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I don’t know if creating an item entirely from that type of silicone is even possible.

I suppose that if you’re fucking more than one person in a sitting and they both really dig the artificially extended / textured penis sleeve you’re sporting, you could put a condom *over* it but that just doesn’t seem very practical to me given that there will still be a portion of the extender that isn’t covered by a condom.

However, even if you’re using a high grade silicone cock like Tantus, you should still keep anal-play dildos to themselves.

While they can be sanitized in boiling water or the dishwasher, sometimes they can retain a bit of an odor over time if it’s used a lot for anal play.

Non-Monogamy encompasses a whole host of various situations: Swingers, couples in open relationships, people who identify as polyamorous or even just those who are not in committed relationships and are dating numerous people.

Most of these non-monogamous people are (hopefully) well aware of safe sex practices and use them every time.

For vibrators that are entirely made of hard ABS plastic, these can just be wiped down with a little soap and water, rinsed or again cover with a condom if there’s no immediate availability to get to a sink in between partners.

ABS plastic is non-porous, but you do have to watch out for nubs and crevices.

More than half of you out there still probably own sex toys made from materials that would cause me premature grey hair, try as I might to dissuade you.


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