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Professional athletes like De Marco Murray, Robert Griffin III, and Tiger Woods catch heat from black women for marrying or dating white women (or a woman who isn’t black).But where’s all their anger and outrage over celebrities like Stacey Dash, Halle Berry, or Zoe Saldana for marrying outside It doesn’t exist because they understand that snagging the highest value male is part of the game.

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It’s as though it triggers an involuntary rebellious response that tells them to push back regardless of the circumstances.

According to a couple of my buddies, this is one of the leading reasons fights start with them in the first place.

Men with options aren’t about to be some woman’s backup plan.

Black women are always complaining about black men on something or another.

The truth is, if the President of that show were black and Edison white, Olivia would still be fucking the President.

Women are attracted to the highest status males they have access to, regardless of race, and Pope is no exception.

This one is a sub-category of their lack of femininity I touched on in the first article.

The bottom line here is that they refuse to cater to their men (or maybe they just don’t know how) and get extremely huffy when there’s a hint of authority in your voice when giving them instructions.

All women aim to consolidate on the highest value male they can find, skin tone be damned.


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