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We also are all afflicted with a disease called “I did it for the story,” where we do incredibly dumb things because we suspect we’ll get a good story out of it. A recent informal Twitter study by a music journalist pal found that almost all of us drink while writing – just a beer or two, usually, “not like, Bukowski drunk.” And that’s when we’re trying to work, so just imagine our weekends. If we’re writing in a public forum instead of our journal, it’s because we have an opinion that we think is important enough to tell everyone about.

You don’t have to guess: it’s all out there, and you can decide if you want to deal with it or not. Great, we haven’t left the house in three days and could probably use some fresh air. Come over, we’re just sitting in our bedroom, lit only by the blue glow of our laptop screen, Googling everyone from our last creative writing workshop and wondering how much they got paid for that story in The Atlantic.

It’s 3 pm on Saturday and you still want to get brunch?

We take feedback well, so don’t be afraid to offer suggestions.

And then there’s our “do anything for a story” weakness, so that fantasy you’ve never gotten to try out?

(It’s for our own good, we know.) This also means that we’re not going to hold back when that new facial hair you’re trying out looks really stupid. Yeah, that stuff about our cool, connected friends?

We’re stashing away every juicy detail they tell us (and feeding it to Page Six in the morning). This doesn’t mean that we’re completely fucked up—we’re only a little bit fucked up, and in a charming way!

So if you’re concerned that your job might take you to France, your new guy or gal might be (easily) convinced to join you. Writers offer unique and thoughtful perspectives on a variety of subjects. Writers often enjoy solitude and don’t need a busy social life to thrive. Related to #8, after a long day of writing, your presence will be a welcome breath of fresh air.

You’ll likely pick up a few new words, random facts, or a deeper appreciation for certain topics when spending time with one. Writers are often open books, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and able to articulate their thoughts and feelings (at least on paper) eloquently.

Sure, plenty of writers never write about themselves. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle – it’s inevitable that your personal life will bleed into your work sooner or later.


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