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In addition to logging into your account 24/7 to see your music's latest status, you'll also be contacted by email after 3 business days of a campaign closing, showing you each song's final status and the detailed feedback for each song.7) Is selected music guaranteed to be forwarded as solicited material?

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Submitting 5 songs versus 1 obviously increases your exposure and thus, the likelihood your music will be selected & forwarded.

The optimal number of songs to submit per campaign is subjective, and depends on how confident you are in the quality of your music.

Song Submit's network of contacts is constantly growing.2) Why use Song Submit?

Records, Sony Music, plus Radio Program Directors, Film/TV Music Supervisors, and Music Publishers for NBC, FOX, HBO, ABC, TLC, MTV, VH1, BBC, PBS-NOVA, CW, Bravo, Comedy Central, Virgin, America's Next Top Model, NYC Prep, Beauty and the Geek, Stager Invasion, Jersey Shore, Project Runway, and multiple other TV shows.

Your costs are recouped at the end of each campaign when you are issued the 30% OFF coupon.

For example, your cost for uploading 3 songs to a campaign would be (or less) when ordering 3 (or more) upload credits at a time.

Modern Beats holds direct relationships with Label A&R and Music Executives throughout the industry who respect the quality of music received from the Song Submit service.

For the cost you'd spend mailing your music to Record Labels without permission or promise of review, Song Submit guarantees your music gets reviewed and, if selected, gets forwarded as solicited.

Yes, for every campaign you enter you will receive a 30% OFF Coupon at the end of that campaign.

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