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Note: You may not use all of the pin connections on the motherboard. Depending on the case you bought, you can have anywhere from 1 to 4 or more fans in your case.

This is normal, and not something you should worry about. The larger fans that are connected to the case itself will have a small 3 or 4 pin power connection.

Either a 20-pin or a 24-pin versions they do make converters if you happen to have the wrong type for your motherboard...

There are two different standard 4-pin Molex connectors a 12v used for drives and CD/DVD-ROM's and the 5v Floppy type connectors.

I sometimes run into trouble doing the computer wiring, as my fingers have difficulty working with the small connections (as you will see below).

A tweezer and flashlight come in handy for this small working space.

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First, identify the different cables that are attached to your case.

It not only looks bad but allot of the time it prohibits airflow increasing internal case temp and causing your PC to run inefficiently..

That is why I always suggest getting rid of them pesky extra fan connectors whenever possible.

These are used very frequently for additional ports commonly provided with the newer cases for front terminals..


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