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Watson later accused Mensch of tabling pro-Murdoch amendments which would have "exonerated" James Murdoch in the report and, in Twitter exchanges with her, alleged private committee conversations had been leaked to News Corp.Following the 2011 England riots Mensch called for social media services Twitter and Facebook to be shut down or to "take an hour off" during disturbances to stop the spread of false rumours wasting police resources.Sure, he sang with Willie Dixon while he was still a teenager---and toured with Lightnin' Hopkins during his teens and early 20s, playing drums. "I was macrobiotic for a long time," he chewed, apologetically, "but I slipped and had one of these and got hooked again." Out came the Weiss laugh---a rolling baritone that is a bit shaggy around the edges from smoking. "I'm the guy in The Twilight Zone that sees the thing on the wing and goes absolutely mad." Chuck E. "I was the only Jew for a hundred miles," he laughed. But I kind of always felt like a Ubangi dropped in the middle of Times Square on New Year's Eve." On the other hand, Weiss could write one of those "everything I learned" books about the place: you know, E.

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Just say that I got sidetracked." In the '70s, Weiss and Waits and a troupe of fellow raconteurs could usually be found in Hollywood, somewhere between their rooms at the famed pop star dormitory, The Tropicana Motor Inn, and a local showcase called The Troubador (with plenty of layover time in Duke's Coffee Shop.) Rickie Lee Jones eventually drifted into the clan (that's her and Weiss on the inside spread of Waits' 1978 album, ), and their bonhomie was celebrated in a Weiss-Jones duet, "Sidekick," on that early demo tape/album. Concerning the question of who has ever actually seen this guy in concert, well, the answer is. "Yeah, it all doesn't sound very probable to right now," said Weiss. It was Waits, and his oft-collaborator and wife, Kathleen Brennan, who finally prompted Weiss to record .

While Jones and Waits eventually left Hollywood for greater glories, marriages, and families, Weiss stayed behind and. "Sure I was in awe, but in both cases, with Willie Dixon and Lightnin' Hopkins, these guys had this attitude about givin' away what somebody gave to them. If there was somebody I admired so much, I don't think I'd even approach them. (Waits co-produced the album with Weiss and his bandmates, and co-wrote two of the songs.) "Tom and Kathleen said 'this is what you've got to do,' so I listened to 'em," Weiss laughed.

And I was a young guy who might carry on the tradition. "'Cause I know that if I listen to me, nothing will happen." Weiss and Waits "hung out and drank coffee, got crazy, then went into the studio"---and cut the album's twelve tracks in a mere three days.

Stylistically, call the music R&B, inflected with mock-cajun and jazz, or, as Weiss prefers, "alternative jungle music." Asked to comment on working of his old friend, Waits seemed to speak from that very alternative jungle: "Chuck E.

I overheard some people talking about it, and decided to write a song about it. But he was always nice to kids, and I always liked the fact that he knocked (Floyd) Patterson out in one round, two fights. No one greeted him at the airport when he won the championship. "I want to play at the train stations, and do something with Amtrak. I'd like to play at Penn Station, and all the Union Stations around the country.

I just thought it was a real cool thing to do---give your money to the Pygmy Fund." "Rockin' In the Kibbitz Room" commemorates many Tuesday nights at Canter's Deli in the Fairfax district of Hollywood, where a waiter named Jack handed out free hot dogs ("very important to me"); "Horseface" was inspired by his elementary school friend, Charlotte, who would whistle at pretty girls, wait for them to turn around, and then declare "Not, you, Horseface! " is an extended riff on an old Waits/Weiss wordplay from the early days; "Roll On Jordan" is a hats-off to Weiss's greatest musical love, Louis Jordan. I've spent the rest of my life listening to his stuff. And when the cops stopped him, he said he was just looking for a new house. I've always been fascinated by the mystique." As for Weiss's own mystique, well, it must now contend with the reality of his recorded music. Mensch disagreed publicly with Tom Watson and Paul Farrelly, two Labour members of the committee, over whether the conclusion that Rupert Murdoch was unfit to run an international company, had been discussed before Watson tabled a Commons amendment on 30 April.Mensch and the other three Conservative members of the committee had opposed it, and could not support the report with the MP herself saying the report had become "partisan" as a result of the statement's inclusion." plus the mock-Cajun ("actually I meant for it to sound like a pirate song") "Oh Marcy," and something called "Pygmy Fund." "There such a thing as the Pygmy Fund," he said."There's an organization you can contribute to in order to, I guess, keep Pygmies from becoming an extinct civilization. "Recording an album was my goal when I was younger, but I don't know why it hadn't been my goal for a while," he said.

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