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It breaks my heart because I love them so much, but they are blinkered to Islam and say I have been brainwashed.

In the wider community, however, there is still prejudice and my grandmother's generation would have seen this as a real betrayal of my community and race.

It makes me angry when the media reinforces stereotypes, but then the Afro-Caribbean community doesn't help itself by singing rap and hip-hop songs about bitches and guns.

It makes us uneasy and and it's very wearing and sad to think that such prejudice exists.

Our children will be brought up to believe in whatever they want and I hope we are proof that you can marry, successfully, across the cultural barrier.

I think her Muslim marriage had been so awful she would not push any of us down that route.

Faron and I met when we were both working at Channel Five.

Views are changing in Britain, slowly, and I hope it won't even be an issue for our children.

Patricia Anyafovor, 19, is a student of Sociology at Goldsmith's College in London.

Mum works as a careers office manager, and my two brothers and I were brought up in a very traditional Afro-Caribbean household.


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