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''So women have been driven into more isolated areas.''Back by the bridge linking Sweden and Denmark, taxi ranks are swollen with drivers waiting for the bustling trade and playing "spot the punter".

Some 60 to 100 refugees left Rødby on the southern Danish island of Lolland on Monday morning with the intention to walk to Sweden.

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''I am not selling sexual favours,'' she reassures her clients. And who knows what two people are doing when they are alone.

So, meeting me is entirely safe.''Annalie doesn't want to discuss her website.

In the nine years since the legislation changed, 1,650 men have been charged with paying for sex.

None were jailed, but all faced hefty fines and huge humiliation. For the women who ply their wares, however, the law change has left them vulnerable, they say. At 44, she is a mother of two and worked Stockholm's streets for six years before the switch in the law.

Those girls did not deserve to die; it's time we gave serious debate to their safety.

These girls have got to be protected.''The debate comes as the Government here is drawing up proposals for law reform that could de-criminalise prostitutes who would, instead, be offered help to get out of the vice trade or given anti-social behaviour orders, in favour of a crackdown on men who trawl for sex.

''I just provide company for lonely men,'' she says frostily on the telephone, before hanging up.

In this country, those who oppose the introduction of the Swedish system say it is impossible to compare the vice trade here with that in Scandinavia.

Never mind the embarrassment of a court summons landing on his family's doormat.

Nine years ago, Sweden took the step of punishing the men who buy sex rather than the women who sell it. But the man who pays for her service is committing an offence. The ladies of the Townswomen's Guild, one of Britain's leading women's groups, with 35,000 members, believe it was.

Forty minutes in a brothel that boasts ''Here only Danish girls'' before another taxi ride back (incurring a £24 toll charge each way).


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