Bottle dating

I really enjoy collecting commercial fragrance bottles.I just love the endless variety and real beauty of the bottles and their presentations, and especially the romantic mood portrayed in their ads.Something I have learned well: The value of a fragrance advertisement to bottle collectors, not matter how beautiful or romantic the ad is, is partly because it provides a date.

My favorites are Bourjois, Lanvin, Coty, and Guerlain.

An excellent source of dates for bottles is the exceeding well researched and wonderfully illustrated book by Jacquelyne Jones-North, Commercial Perfume Bottles, Third Edition (1996).

She also helps collectors in their detective work on bottle dates by providing hundreds of photos of actual fragrance advertisements with the year in which it appeared.

To figure out the years for new bottle designs, for successful fragrances that continue to be marketed for years (like Evening in Paris by Bourjois, or Arpge by Lanvin), requires finding old advertisements for that fragrance.

Below is a brief history of the Bourjois Company and a list of the different styles of name, address, and marketing expressions that have been used by the Bourjois Company in its ads.

Bottles that are advertised in magazine ads can be dated exactly if the ad's date is known; without a date, the period can be estimated from the name, address, or marketing expressions that were used.

Jacquelyne illustrates her book with 850 color or black and white photographs of commercial fragrance bottles, giving the year or decade for more than half of them.

She provides an alphabetical list of hundreds of perfumers around the world, with the names and year of introduction for thousands of fragrances.

Beverly Nelson has compiled a guide for collectors called Evening in Paris - A Guide for the Collector of the Fragrances of the Bourjois Company (1996).

It contains reproductions of pages from Bourjois catalogs for 1935, 1936, 1949, 1950, and 1963.

The intro year is available from a number of references on fragrance bottles.

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