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Not convinced Dames is of sound mind anyway, I think he is just looking to keep his websites and prophecy (remote viewers) business alive. He originally said it would begin when a space shuttle flight gets cut short due to impending radiation. I don't think George Noory is too scared over this cuckoo's predictions.

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He claims the US north east will not be a area that survives mainly because of nuclear power plants failing. I love doom porn, especially hardcore like Ed, he delivers a somber message tgat freaks me out.

He claims the current sun cycle last occurred 11,500 years ago. originally posted by: pheonix358 a reply to: LDragon Fire Well then, he has something for everyone then.

He states Russia and China are attempting to replace the petro dollar. He claims the secret to surviving the kill shot is to be away from the Fukushima ocean and air plumes (not sure if he meant nuclear plants in general) Generally be away from cities (fresh water is key to survival.

He claims a North Korean nuclear event, possibly related to the tunnels they have been digging under the south. Small groups that have enough skill trades (doctors, engineers, ect and the ability to protect the communities) He claims Northern Japan will be uninhabitable and that the Japanese government will relocate the population of Tokyo because of Fukushima.

Hey, I was in charge of a secret CIA remote viewing program, yeah, that's the ticket, and I was a general.

Go ahead, just ask the CIA, if they give no comment they are lying.

Everyone knows we are one solar X-15 flare away from no electricity...

So even I could throw some bones and say "watch out, death and destruction might come our way"!

I wonder if he will claim success at seeing the future if a bee farts in the US West Coast. I call this type of forecasting, the Blunderbuss Approach. a reply to: LDragon Fire S^F I heard the entire broadcast when aired..

It comes on at 12 noon here so I don't miss any sleep..

But it looks like he's laying his reputation on the line with this one....wait, he's done that before, a dozen times or so.


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