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That's what 'BIP 2016' fans are wondering after Izzy and Vinny packed on the PDA during their flight to NYC.

But whether they're dating again or are just friends, it's clear the 'BIP 3' couple is still close. that Izzy and Vinny “couldn’t keep their hands off each other.” And Izzy even fell asleep on Vinny’s lap at one point. Vinny and Izzy’s behavior seems all the more shocking because they went through such an emotional breakup on .

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they were just “friends.” They could “talk about things” on the flight they were taking and they had planned to take the flight together. Izzy and Vinny were one of the strongest couples on the show. “Waking up this morning was not easy, I felt crushed.

But Izzy was immediately attracted to Brett Melnick when he showed up. I don’t know if I was misled committing so much to Izzy and I’s relationship over the last few weeks,” Vinny said on via satellite and talked about what a horrible mistake Izzy had made. fans have been bashing Izzy since she dumped Vinny.

She told Vinny that she was attracted to Brett and was having doubts about their relationship. And when Michelle Collins asked if they’d get back together, Vinny said, “Izzy’s a great person. But Vinny wrote, “Thank u for the support but I won’t tolerate ppl bullying Izzy.

We got along great, but the way that she handled that situation – what’s stopping something like that from happening in the future? We are real people & I know some of these comments would be hurtful to her.” Do you think Izzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera should get back together?

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