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For the sake of brevity we will leave these discussions for another place. Individual Soul Liberty Example Verses: Matthew ; 2 Peter 3:9 Baptists hold that each individual is free to determine their own eternal destiny.

With this freedom of choice also comes responsibility as each man will answer to God for their choice.

He is to be the leader of each congregation, whose responsibility it is to elect them.

This office is also called by the names "Bishop" and "Elder" in the New Testament.

There is no type of ecclesiastical hierarchy of bishops, synods, councils, or any other authority that oversees groups of churches.

However, their are a large number of Baptist churches today that have created alliances and conventions, such as the Southern Baptist Convention, and are willingly submitting themselves to a non-local church authority.

Such things as church councils, church leaders, tradition, and other books are often held in some authority by other Christian groups. Autonomy of the Local Church Example Verses: Revelation ,20 Each individual, local congregation of believers is free to act for and govern itself.

Each congregation is free to operate inside the guidelines laid out in the Bible, elect its own pastor, and manage its own affairs.

They are not given authority to rule over the church or pastor, but to aid in the work of the church. Salvation by Grace through Faith Example Verses: John ; Ephesians 2:8-9 According to the Scriptures, a person's eternal destiny is based on whether or not they receive the gift of salvation offered by the Lord Jesus Christ.

All men are sinners and are in need of salvation, else they will be under judgment in Hell for all eternity.

We receive salvation by believing wholly on Him and trusting in His finished work and the veracity of His offer.

There is nothing we can do to merit salvation nor any other means of entrance into Heaven except through accepting Christ's offer.

by MBG People who have studied the doctrines of various Christian groups have identified certain characteristic beliefs that are distinctive of Baptists.


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