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Performances of Love, Love, Love will begin Off-Broadway September 22 with an opening night slated for October 19 at the Laura Pels Theatre at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre.Bartlett’s newest play, billed as a “dark comedy,” begins in the swinging sixties in London and spans more than four decades.

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She has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 5.4 years.

Actress Amy Jackson, who made her Bollywood debut in 2012, is reportedly in a relationship with British TV show Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas.

As if we needed more proof: Celebrities really are just like us — when it comes to dating, anyway.

Even though they can probably have their publicist contact someone else’s publicist to set up a date, multiple stars have recently confirmed they’re swiping on dating apps.

It examines how the baby boomer generation has grown and adapted, and their place in today’s world.“It’s the late 1960s in a north London flat, and Henry is excitedly anticipating the arrival of his date, Sandra,” begin Roundabout production notes.

“The night changes course when Sandra and Henry’s brother Kenneth quickly realize how much they have in common—their love of Rock and Roll and their love of marijuana, for starters.She has also featured in Tamil films like Madrasapattinam and Thaandavam.We're talking about comparing it to a film, which was amazing, and the actors were such great actors in terms of style, but it's important not to just hold onto that.As of 2016, has appeared in 3 films that were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar: Capote (2005), Birdman oder (Die unverhoffte Macht der Ahnungslosigkeit) (2014) and Bridge of Spies: Der Unterhändler (2015). The date is significant because it was the occasion of “Our World,” the first global satellite telecast, viewed by some 400 million people in 25 countries and concluding with an in-studio performance by the Beatles and friends (Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful among them) of “All You Need Is Love.” Sandra is a free spirit in Mary Quant (the wow costumes are by Susan Hilferty) who shows up at the rancid flat of stolid Henry (Alex Hurt, stolidity personified) for a date but quickly takes up with the cooler if flightier Kenneth (Armitage, annoyingly disarming). I’d say she’s the one to watch, but we’ve been watching her for a while, and she just keeps getting better.The second scene finds the now financially secure Kenneth and Sandra with their salad days behind them and as parents of adolescently mean Jamie (Ben Rosenfield) and adolescently self-hating Rose (Zoe Kazan; ).

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