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The nobility fight for power and wealth, influence and position.

Come join us in a place where humanity fights for control, and faery, elves and all that lie beyond, can afford to give no ground. – The long cold night has finally broken, and the sun is rising on the island of Tuneric.

The new king, young Calien Shellten is looking for allies in the wake of his father’s murder.

Visitors from a far off land have spurred royal interest in the prospect of exploration off island.

Join the king and his friends in a world of intrigue, chivalry, and last but not least, parties.

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And trust me, things never getting boring in these rooms!!!Vampires are at war with Demons and the other races — Humans and Elves — are caught in-between. The Island of the Damned is home to the exiled anthromorphs and theriathropes whose blood is undesirable for both vampire and demon. Vvrock’uvin, the Underdark City of Wicked Pleasure, home to the drow where females rule through fear, whips and torture. Sexual roleplay is roleplay that has a strong erotic element.It is set in a future were there is only one town due to a nuclear war, it has taken nearly 3000 years for the vampires and werewolves to get it ready for humans and other humanoid creatures. They wake up in an island, called Belegorn, where strange creatures live together, and dormant powers arise. In the land of Velleriin, Vega Eyrie is where they call home.


  1. The guy was miniature in stature but his confidence was through the roof.

  2. Online users, according to this website, are willing to answer hundreds of questions about themselves (400 for e Harmony), and spend a significant sum of money (average of 9) as part of their quest.

  3. The top green label has one small corner missing and shows darkening from age – but fully legible.

  4. I like friendly, faithful, hard-working men and hope that you also enjoy travelling!

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