10 rules for dating a musician Free no sign in kinky cams

Guess what - it’s okay to be needy, whether you’re a woman or otherwise. It’s okay to ask your significant other to help you with something, and yes, it’s okay to ask your significant other to skip band practice if something comes up that needs his/her immediate attention.If you truly love someone, you will want them to spend the time doing what it is they love to do.About once a week, I read something on the internet that makes my blood boil. Everyone who loves to fap all over the Beatles so conveniently seems to forget that.

If someone gave me tickets to see Tori live in concert, I’d happily go. How many times do you go to see your friend’s bands that you don’t like that much?

How many times do you grit your teeth at a show while supporting and giving love to your friends? Honestly, tell me, how much money have you shelled out to see your friends who are in bands who happen to make music that you don’t like?

I mean, it’s not like every Tom Dick and Harry these days is in a band. A man who’s in a band is such a rare catch that you definitely must do anything to keep him. Instruments, amps, merchandise: They all need to make it to the gig. I have more than a dozen stories of musicians who’ve kept their girlfriends in order to have a place to live, to have money coming in, and to have someone in their life with a steady paycheck to cover their expenses.

Your significant other is no more entitled to your car and gas money than you are entitled to anything that belongs to them.

In short, he is not always the best part of the band.

The band unit is a highly important force – their bond fuels their collaborations and it is the combination of their ideas that make their music.

Don’t ask your partner to make sure they are spending enough time with you because their precious music needs to come first.

Definitely do not try to be your own person while you are trying to date the lead singer of a shitty local rock band. When you’re dating a male musician, you must absolutely remember that his needs are to come 100% before yours.

Believe it or not, most male musicians have their ass kissed by everyone, every minute of every day.


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